Why You Shouldn’t DIY Spray Foam Insulation in Florida

Homeowners in Florida often try to do as much of the work on their homes as possible to save money. While there are many things you can DIY, spray foam insulation is not one of them. Here’s why.

Spray foam is a great insulation material, but it needs special attention and care. The chemicals in spray foam are potentially toxic. Of course, spray foam makes sure that your home is insulated to create a more comfortable environment, but when not applied properly or handled incorrectly it also can lead to serious problems. When installing, we highly recommend hiring professionals who know how best to handle this type of material. Even for the most enthusiastic DIYer, working with these dangerous waste products should be approached with caution.

Special Equipment Required

Spray foam is a versatile insulation material that can be applied to both new construction and existing walls. The process of applying it involves special equipment and chemicals in bottles with complicated names like “polyurethane” and more. If you don’t have the correct gear or knowledge, you’re gonna run into some serious problems. Hiring equipment is an option, but this is not the type of job that you just want to do on the fly. Spray foam insulation requires a degree of expertise to install and ensure it performs up to standard.

Spray foam insulation is an easy and effective way to reduce air conditioning costs. The right contractor can install it quickly, which will save you money on your energy bill!

It’s More Than Just Spraying Foam

Applying spray foam successfully takes more than just a steady hand. It takes a degree of expertise to ensure it applies evenly while preventing pockets of air from forming. Sounds easier than it really is. If it’s too thin, it can’t perform at peak efficiency either – so you’ve wasted your time and money.

It Requires a Lot of Prep

You’ll have to prepare the work area before any work can commence, and it has to be a proper cleaning.  You also have to consider all the plumbing, electrical wiring, framing, and several other factors connected to the surface area you intend to spray. Spray foam will refuse to adhere to certain materials and this is where a spray foam installation professional in Florida with experience will really be able to offer you peace of mind.

Mistakes are Expensive

Every homeowner wants to save money when it comes to home remodeling. With spray foam insulation, however, cutting corners can lead to expensive mistakes that could end up costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars to clean up…not to mention valuable time wasted. If you really want to alleviate the stress of a new home

The main reason homeowners choose to DIY is to save money. If you do this job incorrectly, you’ll have to hire a company to fix it at a high cost to you. They will have to spend time cleaning up your mess, preparing the surfaces again, and then installing the new insulation. Save money, time, and stress by hiring a professional insulation contractor for your spray foam insulation, before you make any mistakes with DIY.

Fire Hazard

The potential hazards are obvious, but just in case you weren’t convinced yet, keep in mind that the actual vapor itself is flammable. Without the necessary experience, accidents can happen with devastating consequences.

As should be obvious by now, applying spray foam insulation in Florida isn’t as straightforward as it seems. We highly recommend you get in touch with a professional spray foam expert near you for some insight into your particular installation.