The Pros and Cons of Spray Foam Insulation in Florida


When it comes to insulation, there are a lot of different options on the market. One of the most popular types of insulation is spray foam. But is spray foam insulation right for your home in Florida?

Here Are The Pros of Spray Foam Insulation

Here are the pros to help you decide.

Energy Efficiency Like No Other

Modern spray foam insulation is a great way to insulate your home and improve its energy efficiency. This type of product offers the most complete seal possible, which means that it can be installed perfectly for an air-tight finish without any gaps or corners exposed when done right by professionals who know what they’re doing!

Reduction in Bills

Spray foam insulation is a highly effective, cheap way to keep your home or business cool during hot months. Spray Foam can reduce energy bills by up to 30%, and save you money on heating costs too! Skip the air conditioning and invest in some good old-fashioned peace-of-mind spray foam insulation in Florida!

More Comfortable Environment

This insulation product is 24 times less permeable to air movement when compared with other forms of insulation, which means your house stays cooler in the summer and warmer during winter. You’ll be living in a more comfortable environment all year round with this massive improvement in your overall quality of life.

Moisture Protection

Spray foam insulation is an effective way to protect your home from moisture and flooding. If you’re looking for a durable material that will help keep the value of your property high, then look no further than this spray foam insulation for your property!

Resistant to Mold

Spray foam insulation is made by combining isocyanate and polyol resin into a foam. Polyurethane is the most commonly used material for spray foam. This means it does not provide a food source for mold or bacteria even if wet. You will have fewer pest infestation issues too when compared with other options available today.

Long Lifespan

Spray foam insulation is a great product for buildings because it offers the possibility of an indefinite lifespan after installation. Spray foam insulation also means homeowners can enjoy their structure being taken care of for decades without needing any upgrades or replacements! There’s less need to re-insulate too – meaning there are multiple cost benefits when considering what you may spend initially on getting your home insulated.


The Cons of Sprayfoam Insulation

Here are the cons of spray foam insulation.Firemen around large fire caused by spray foam

A Fire Hazard

Foam insulation is considered combustible and should be applied by professionals only if you live in Florida to comply with health & safety as well as building code.  Spray foam can ignite if exposed to a sufficient heat source. It burns rapidly with intense heat.  This is why it’s not only important how you apply this product, but where you apply it matters too.

Doesn’t Get in Everywhere

Spray foam insulation is a flexible solution for improving the energy efficiency of homes, but it’s not always perfect. If gaps form in your walls or ceilings when you spray out doorways that are too narrow to accommodate this type of insulation then there could be problems. You might have some cold spots during winter months as well as higher noise levels from outside.

Imperfect Installations Lead To Problems

Spray foam insulation is a great product for protecting your home from thermal damage, but it can also create potential problems if the installer doesn’t account for cavities when installing. The high-pressure differentials caused by lacking coverage could lead to water intrusion through imperfections in building materials like walls and roofs.  This would cause more expensive damages later on down the line due lack of warning signs until they’re noticeable already.

It can also be difficult if the installer does not account for how quickly this material layers. Once installed correctly and given time enough during the curing process – which usually takes 24-48 hours depending on conditions, some areas could fold over each other, leaving open pockets of air that could be hard to detect.

Poor installations can often lead to subpar performance.


Not as Affordable as Fiberglass

Fiberglass insulation products are significantly cheaper than spray foam when it comes to installation in homes across Florida. If you were going with a fiberglassing product, then expect your bill per square foot of protection will be around $0 .40. Compare this to spray foam’s cost of around $1.50 per sq ft.


There are many things to consider when deciding whether or not to spray foam insulate your home. Weigh the pros and cons we’ve listed here and make the decision that’s best for you and your family. If you have any questions about spray foam insulation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re happy to help in any way we can.