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Do you live in a drafty home? Do you struggle to maintain the temperature inside your home during the summer and winter months?

You probably have an insulation problem – and most probably an issue that can be solved with spray foam insulation.

Having bad insulation in your house can cost you a lot of money over time. Homes can lose on average 25% of their heat through the roof. However, some newly installed spray foam installation can reduce your heating and cooling costs by an additional 15%.

Without proper insulation your just splurging all that money for nothing.

The traditional materials used for insulation such as fiberglass and cellulose cannot prevent the flow of air through gaps. Gaps are created as this material is either stapled or simply placed in the wall cavities and does not create an air seal.

Worker spraying polyurethane foam for insulating wooden frame house.

Spray Foam Insulation To Save All-Year-Round

Naturally, heat rises and escapes through the roof.

All heat that you generate inside your home expands outwards and upwards.

If there’s a hole to escape through, heat will find it and start to literally lose money.

Spray foam offers a cost-effective solution to insulating your home that brings more evenly distributed temperatures throughout the home.

Start With Your Roof and Go From There When Insulating Your Home

If you want to insulate your home, always start with the roof. By doing the roof with a professional spray foam installation, you could save an incredible amount of money almost immediately.

During the long hot summers, heat will filter in through your roof and cracks, similar to the cold in winter. This might lead to hot and cold spots in your home that make you wonder if your HVAC needs a service.

Another factor to consider is your piping, vents, and chimney that act as un-insulated holes into your home. Equally, your crawl spaces could be allowing for unwanted airflow that may drastically affect the temperature of your home or office.

And don’t forget about your light fixtures either. Air comes in around the holes and the wires.

Worker spraying polyurethane foam for insulating wooden frame house.

Spray Foam Insulation Is Your Best Option

Insulating your house with spray foam is the best way to go if you’re serious about insulating it. It lasts the longest and is arguably your fastest and most hassle-free solution.

The initial investment may not suit your budget immediately, but once you start to weigh up all your options and realize how much you actually get to save over time – not to mention how easy spray foam installation actually is compared to other solutions, it becomes a no-brainer.  Since spray foam lasts a lifetime you will essentially be paying less on heating and cooling for the rest of your life.